Moons Of Madness

Overview Moons of Madness is a narrative-focused adventure game set in a future where Orochi, the largest multinational on Earth, established a secret research outpost on Mars. Players will impersonate Shane Newehart, a low rank maintenance engineer, whose seemingly routine repair mission soon turns out to be a maddening journey, amidst secret technology and extra-dimensional events.   This t...[Read More]

Atelier Ryza

Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout is an RPG game that belongs to the Atelier series. It involves mechanics such as crafting and gathering more heavily than other RPGs, but it does so in a way that rather than it being it a chore, it becomes an enjoyable process of discovery and progression. The story follows a clash between respecting old traditions and cultures. Rejecting all t...[Read More]

Minion Masters

🎮 Gameplay   Der Deckbau   Bei Minion Masters handelt es sich in erster Linie um ein Kartenspiel. Einer der elementarsten Aspekte ist somit natürlich der Deckbau. Dieser läuft aber schon grundsätzlich anders ab, als man es sonst gewohnt ist. Das Deck darf nämlich nur aus 10 Karten bestehen. Zudem hat man 2 Joker Karten, welche genutzt werden wenn man eine Karte doppelt oder sogar 3 mal i...[Read More]

Mad Games Tycoon

Mad Games Tycoon     🎮 Gameplay   Das Spiel beginnt damit, dass ihr zunächst einmal eure Firma und euren Charakter erstellt. Firmenlogo und Firmensitz, der durch eine Spezialisierung auf ein Genre sogar einen relavanten Einfluss auf das Spiel hat. Die Spezialisierungen und Fähigkeiten eures Avatars kommen danach und dann folgt ein kleines Tutorial in dem euch das Wichtigste erklärt ...[Read More]


Neverinth is a soul’s game that adapts the rogue-like elements into its mix, this creates a more challenging approach to the game. Instead of finding checkpoints between areas, the player will always be reset to the start every time they die. While they lose all gear, there is a sense of progress with the totem system and the ability to get a random weapon when starting. There are unlockable...[Read More]


Crystar is an action RPG brought by the FuRyu follows the story of Rei Hatada, who finds herself in purgatory, the place where all souls go to after death. It is a game that deals with themes such as despair, depression, revenge, hope, friendship, and how much is one willing to sacrifice for their ideals. The game does a fantastic job at story and voice acting, keeping all other aspects on decent ...[Read More]


Spawn, Explore, Die, Repeat: Erforsche die geheimnisvolle Welt und werde dabei der mächtigste Zauberer, sofern du die Reise überlebst.   Spielerlebnis 🎮Gameplay   Das Ziel des Spiels ist sehr einfach, erforsche die Welt und sterbe nicht. Dabei setzt es auf einen Rogue-like-Ansatz, sobald du stirbst, startest du wieder von Null. Die neue Welt scheint zu Beginn wieder gleich zu sein, doch ...[Read More]

Deliver Us the Moon

I would describe this game as an advanced walking simulator with average difficulty puzzles and arcade moments thrown in for good measure. You will spend a lot of your time walking around examining objects, reading documents, watching holographic reenactments and listening to recorded conversations of past events. The story gradually builds and we get to learn what actually happened and why the lu...[Read More]

The Beast Inside

Overview The Beast Inside is a narrative-focused adventure game narrating the parallel stories of Adam and Nicolas, one a cold-war era secret service code-breaker, the other a mid 19th century upper class man, and developed by Polish studio Illusion Ray. During the course of the game, the two protagonists’ stories become fatally intertwined, among a web of soviet espionage, ancient mysteries...[Read More]

The Surge 2

Overview The Surge 2 is a single-player, post-apocalyptic sci-fi souls-like, developed by AA studio Deck 13. In this game, players will impersonate the unnamed survivor of flight 221’s crash over Jericho City, USA, happened under mysterious circumstances. Waking up without memories of recent events, players will find themselves walking a dark and devastated world filled with dangers, death a...[Read More]


Nordlicht is a short & sweet little adventure game, showcasing gorgeous hand-drawn art and a heart-warming story, made by a small indie team in Germany as part of their final thesis. Pros + Beautiful hand-drawn graphics. + Heart-warming family friendly story that can be enjoyed by all ages. + Plenty of items to interact with. + Puzzles are straight forward but also not exceptionally easy. + Bo...[Read More]

The Long Return

The Long Return is a short puzzle game revolving around an orphaned cub who retraces his steps from the last journey he took with his mother. It features a beautiful soundtrack, scenery and wildlife, with the centre of the game focusing on puzzles and thus it is not to be confused with a walking simulator or story-rich title. Its puzzles vary in difficulty, but they succeed in making players use t...[Read More]

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