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Pinstripe is an excellent adventure game with a harrowing story, created entirely by a one-man team over the course of 5 years. The art is simply stunning, portraying the hellish landscape brilliantly and acts as a compliment to the dark story. Although it is short in length, this is a must play for adventure, horror and Tim Burton enthusiasts.

+ Gorgeous, ominous art in each of the 6 levels.
+ Astounding voice acting for almost all of the characters.
+ Chilling and emotional story that must be pieced together by players.
+ Steam achievements & trading cards.
+ Interesting and enjoyable puzzles (despite being relatively simple).
+ Replayability is encouraged for achievement hunters, but players also unlock further content after their first playthrough.
– Requires a fair amount of backtracking to obtain items in order to progress.
+/- Quite short in length (approx. 3 hours), for the full price tag.

Players begin as Teddy, who is first depicted to players as a loving and dedicated father to his young 3-year-old daughter, named Bo. This paradise swiftly ends, and Bo is kidnapped by an evil, devilish being, Mr Pinstripe. Teddy then begins his quest to rescue Bo, which leads him to many different landscapes and introduces him to all types of personalities and characters. Teddy is aided by his dog, George and together they must work together to save Bo and discover the truth about their past.

Upon my initial launch of the game, with no prior understanding of the story, I initially thought the rescue scenario seemed stereotypical as it is commonly seen in adventure games. In Pinstripe, this is not the case and its sinister and emotional undertones begin to reveal themselves slowly as the game progresses, which of course, I will not reveal in the review, but encourage players to give this game a go and have an open mind.

Pinstripe features side-scrolling gameplay with minor platforming aspects and puzzles. Players are given a slingshot which acts as a weapon for the few enemies that exist in this whimsical world. Majority of the time will be spent exploring the levels and collecting frozen drops, which are the games collectables and can be used to purchase extras ingame. The few enemies that do exist can barely hurt players and there is no difficulty option, so the focus of the game is clearly on the art and story.

Some examples of puzzles include spot the difference puzzles or timing puzzles, whereby players must hit spacebar at precisely the right time for consecutive hits. Small sections of the game are dedicated to deciphering simple clues to obtain a code, or finding an object to complete a required task. Seeing as the game is so short, I am reluctant to give more examples, however all of the puzzles are easily achievable and if you are looking for a challenging game, this will not be for you.
The biggest negative in Pinstripe is the required collection of frozen drops. There is a point in the game where players MUST obtain 300 of them to proceed to the next level. This means players must backtrack throughout each level to scrounge up every last frozen drop there is. The levels are not too big, nor does it take much time to traverse them, however it still feels like an unnecessary attempt to lengthen the games playtime.

Graphics & Sound
The graphics are the highlight for me and the amount of effort gone into the artwork is clear. Each level is crafted exceptionally well and is reminiscent of Tim Burton classics. For a one-man team, this feat is incredible and the many indie awards that the game won, is well deserved.

The voice acting in Pinstripe is great. The dramatic and whimsical world is brought to life with the animated voices protruding from each character. From the sinister voice of Mr Pinstripe to the innocent and gentle voice of Bo, the personalities are clear and at times, even humorous. There are also a select few ‘celebrity’ voice actors consisting of famous Youtubers which came as a surprise, unfortunately they are not on par with the marvellous work done by the professional voice actors in the game, but it is an interesting addition that may appeal to some.

Price and Content
Lasting around 3 hours for the average playthrough and with a full price cost of $AU21.50, I would recommend this on sale, simply due to the short playtime.
Nonetheless, Pinstripe is an excellent indie title that is well deserving of its many awards and will not disappoint fans of the genres.
Rating: 8/10

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