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Nordlicht is a short & sweet little adventure game, showcasing gorgeous hand-drawn art and a heart-warming story, made by a small indie team in Germany as part of their final thesis.
+ Beautiful hand-drawn graphics.
+ Heart-warming family friendly story that can be enjoyed by all ages.
+ Plenty of items to interact with.
+ Puzzles are straight forward but also not exceptionally easy.
+ Boat mini-game scenes.
+ Handful of different, but stunning environments.
– No steam achievements/trading cards
– Very short (approx. 2hr). I enjoy short games but I would like to see this mentioned on the store page so there is full transparency for potential buyers.
– Minor grammatical errors.
Play as a young girl named Aurora and lead her on a journey to the cold north, alongside her father and trusty (adorable) guineapig Peter. It soon becomes evident that there is someone missing in Aurora’s life and her house is filled with old mementos of what used to be. With both sadness and joy, Aurora and her family decide to pack up their belongings and begin their long journey to the north to see her mother.
Nordlicht features classic adventure point & click mechanics whereby players must collect, combine and use items to proceed. The puzzles are relatively straight forward but do involve a little bit of thinking. There are many interactive items that players can click on to see a description via a magnifying glass, pick up or to speak about it with Peter.
There is a basic inventory screen to navigate items and an option to view all interactive items on the screen which helps when trying to find a specific object. After progressing with puzzles, a star will light up the sky and begin to form a pattern. Once all objectives are completed within that scene, the stars will link up to reveal a final pattern.
Throughout their adventure, the family must traverse across many different environments, including the ocean. Players must guide a small flimsy boat across the water to safety by controlling its acceleration, removing waves and avoiding thunderclouds. Both of these scenes are quite short and while I admit I did fail once or twice; they aren’t really difficult, but they do add something unique to Nordlicht’s gameplay, which I enjoyed.
Graphics + Text
There are so many beautiful scenes in this game that are accentuated by the colourful hand-drawn art with different locations such as the icy cold north, Aurora’s house, the ocean and a dark forest.
There are 4 different translations for this game, converted from the original German text including, English, French, Italian and Spanish. The English translation was very well done and only consisted of a few, minor grammatical errors. The errors are quite trivial considering the developer’s mother tongue, but also worth mentioning.
There are no voice-overs for any text in this game, but it is not necessarily needed. It features very cutesy and calming music and adds to the games uplifting and heartfelt mood.
Price and Content
For about 2 hours of content, $AU7.50 is a decent price for anyone looking for a casual and calming family friendly game. I would like to see Steam trading cards or achievements to be added in the near future, however it is still worth its full price, but players should just be aware that it is a short game and to lower any playtime expectations.
Overall analysis
Nordlicht is a beautiful game that tells a heartfelt story about love and grief through the eyes of a child. With simple, but effective puzzles, an adorable guineapig and stunning visuals, Nordlicht is an impressive title for all casual adventure fans which I can easily recommend.

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