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Nobodies delivers a new take on the crime point & click genre, offering both rewarding and challenging gameplay to clean up dead bodies! This title cleverly coats its gruesome scenes with humour and each mission is crazier than the last.


+ Challenging and inventive.
+ Multiple solutions to puzzles / methods of hiding the bodies.
+ Plenty of interactive items.
+ Clean up after crimes!
+ Very active and helpful small development team who are answering community questions and patching bugs.
+ Achievements.
+ 11 missions which can be replayed to get a perfect score.
– Needs a better optional hint system, I found myself frustratingly stuck most of the time, however, this may not be a negative for those with better puzzle intuition than I.
– Slightly frustrating controls when using items.
Nobodies features 11 equally arduous missions with different assassinations and stories behind each level, which is briefed in detail before beginning. You work for a secret government counter-terrorism organisation that aims to assassinate members of a bio-terrorism group, before they can release their weapons on the world. Unlike other plots, you don’t play as the murderer, but rather, the crime scene cleaner!
Players are sent out to each mission with one goal in mind, to dispose of the body and make it seem like they were never there. It is more challenging than it sounds and at times, quite meticulous. Find the body, clean up any blood and dispose of it in any way you see fit, whilst avoiding detection at all costs. Once that’s done, to achieve a perfect score, players must place every single item used in their inventory back exactly where they found it. Every door that was opened must be closed and any tampered with items must be returned to its original state.
Only after disposal of a body will an exit sign illuminate, allowing players to complete the mission. Following this, a report is detailed and any errors will be listed which players can fix up in their next attempt.
The only negative I found was the tedious nature of clicking on your inventory, clicking on an item and then clicking on the intended object. If you miss-click, the item in your inventory does not remain selected for, and you must re-enter your inventory and click on the object again. This isn’t necessarily a game breaker by any means, however, personally I would have preferred an assigned button to deselect items, rather than having to constantly re-select.
I would also like to see a better optional hint system added for struggling people like myself. Currently, there is a pager which displays a vague hint of what to do next, but it isn’t always the most helpful and there are no guides currently out to assist frustrated players. Despite this, the developers are actively answering all questions in their discussion thread which is MUCH appreciated and I recommend stuck players to post there if needing help.
Graphics & Sound
Scenes are hand-crafted and detailed with little to no voice-overs, except in mission briefings. It is reminiscent of mobile games yet still delivers on PCs and combines the gruesome visuals of murder with colourful environments and scenes.
Price and Content
With 11 inventive missions, everyone will take a different amount of time to finish the game, depending on how well they can solve the puzzles. It took me 7 hours and it was more complex than I had originally thought, but it was enjoyable and offers good replayability value for both achievement hunters and perfectionists. For $10AUD it is definitely worth the cost and will offer at least 5 hours of puzzle filled comical entertainment.
Performance, Bugs and Issues
Although I did not come across any bugs myself, I have noticed that as soon as they are reported by players, developers are quick to release a patch. I had no problem performance wise and it played smoothly with no issues.
Computer specs
Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 9400F
RTX 2060 Aero ITX 6G
Nobodies is an intuitive puzzle game from a different perspective than we would normally see. Offering many different solutions for each mission, it is a game that encourages replayability but also challenges players to think outside the box. Developer(s) are reading their customers questions and feedback and are looking to improve their game, which is reflected in their recent patches in response to player bug reports. I recommend Nobodies to anyone who likes puzzles and is looking for something out of the ordinary to play for an afternoon.


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