MXGP 2019 – The Official Motocross Videogame

MXGP 2019 – The Official Motocross Videogame
MXGP 2019 – The Official Motocross Videogame
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MXGP 2019 is a Motocross game with official licenses for the 2019 season of the MXGP league and MX2 league which means that they are allowed to display names, team names, liveries, official Motocross bike badges and more. Combined with all that the game offers realistic physics and a solid Online experience and for all the players that have a little bit more imagination there is a Map editor available where they can showcase their abilities.



At the beginning of the game you will be asked to choose your settings, I will strictly focus on the advanced physics as this is what I tested out more.
Keep in mind that I do not consider this game ”realistic” due to some simple factors that limit the realism of the game in order to make it more enjoyable. Full on braking while turning is way too stable as you barely feel the bike sliding to the outer side of the turn and on Rain it still feels as if you’re driving on dry dirt. Another aspect was that I just never felt the sudden torque push of these bikes which should happen in my opinion, exiting a turn with 1st Gear should genuinely feel like a challenge in order to keep the bike under control as the weight and gearing should easily make it feel a lot stronger than it does in game. Now what I do really like is the fact that the dirt on the track feels ”alive”, what do I mean with that? Well, after some laps you will realise that tyre marks are left around the track and you constantly have 2 options, keep on using the same lines or try to fight off the dirt in order to create a new racing line. Something else that I would like to mention is that the A.I is pretty inconsistent as far as my experience goes, he will either be extremely passive and won’t even attempt to fight for his position or he will either be extremely aggressive and drive you off the track, or simply collide with you. Other than that it is a pretty neat Semi-Realistic experience as you don’t really have to be afraid of brake temperatures, tyre age, damages to the vehicle or specific tactics yet you have to be cautious of landings and turns, etc.


The game offers a decent amount of modes ranging from Time attack where you have unlimited amount of laps available to try to beat you record on each lap, you have the ability to have a ghost ( your current fastest lap ), checkpoint racing which throws you straight into Open-World like tracks in random areas and countries, this mode showcases the all round physics the game offers as you can easily break wooden fences and other smaller structures. Grand Prix is a single race ( 2 races basically ) event that lets you select the track, weather, driver, and bike you would like to use for this specific event. Lastly you have the Season option which lets you compete in a full 18 race season to see if you can crown yourself as the winner of the season, keep in mind both MXGP and MX2 are available.


Shop / Customization:

After each event is finished you collect the prize money from the various contracts you have signed previously with that you can buy yourself new helmets, gloves, protectives and other stuff. You can buy a new bike as well ranging from 125cc to 250cc to 450cc.
One small unpleasant fact is that some items cost way too much for what they’re worth.


The Game doesn’t really have a quote on quote story but you start off as an unknown driver that competes in the MX2 in order to get a promotion and try to win the MXGP championship all while collecting contracts and leveling up, not much honestly but still worth mentioning.

Online/ Multiplayer:

Although MXGP 2019 Offers Online Modes with decent servers and a small queue time I’m still very unsure if it is a great mode as it felt very forgettable and underwhelming, there are no extra rules because opponents would constantly crash into me without having the fear of receiving a time penalty. Not much to say as there weren’t any great moments there. Overall very forgettable but nice.

Graphics/ Audio:

MXGP19 is making use of the Unreal Engine 4 which helps a lot with Performance & Visuals. Let’s take a look.


The game looks genuinely very good, I really appreciate the raining effects especially the puddles look amazing when the lighting reflects on it, dirt particles after a sudden start look very detailed, the environment looks inconsistent in my opinion though as plants and other things looks magnificent but flags and some other props look pretty outdated and low res. Overall it is a very pretty looking game and you will surely enjoy the visual aspect of it.


There isn’t really much of a commentator or voice actors and the soundtrack is pretty basic sounding which made me Mute it after some races. On the other hand Engine sounds and background noises are flawless nearly life like. Average Audio experience at best but still a solid factor especially for a game like this.

Performance :

On Low End Devices:

Intel Core i5 5200U, 8GB RAM, Intel HD 5500: Not tested yet ( Probably doesn’t run at all ).

On High End Devices:

Intel Core i7 4790k, 32GB RAM, Nvidia GTX 1070: I was running the game on +100 FPS on 1080p resolution, Max graphical settings of course (100% rendering).
Performance goes down to ~45 FPS 1080p when 200% rendering.

Bugs/ Glitches/ Crashes:

In around 10 hours of extreme motocross driving under adrenaline I experienced no Crashes or game breaking Glitches.

Price :

For 49,99 Eur. I would honestly say that this is a little too much especially for a small market like motocross as there aren’t enough pure fans of this game which means for the average player it might look like a bad deal.

Conclusion :

MXGP19 is a very solid game with strong visuals, performance and fun gameplay but it sadly suffers from expensive items in the store and a big price tag for a motocross game and a forgettable Online experience.

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