👍A wonderful story and superb character development
👍 Beautiful Hand Drawn Graphics and clever animations
👍Amazing sounds and music
👍Meaningful Achievements although you will need a guide to see how to get them as they are not explained.


👎Might be too slow for people who do not like walking simulators, graphic novel type games.

Short Analysis

Mutazione, slowly unfolds, like the flowers in its gardens, to reveal a beautiful story told by a cast of wonderful characters. The game has a slow and relaxed pace filled with chilled sounds and short but plentiful dialogue. Even though the story did take its time to evolve, afterwards you feel privileged that you were able to experience such a great adventure with such a poignant message. It left me reflecting on the game and how relevant it is to the problems we face in society today. It is done so cleverly and so subtly that you don’t even see the message until it all comes together at the end and then you can’t stop thinking about it.
I would say however, that this will not be a game for everyone. If you enjoy walking simulators, point and click adventures or perhaps graphic novels then I would highly recommend this. You will need a lot of patience and there is no action in the game whatsoever, just lots of dialogue, some fetch quests and mini sequences where you plant seeds in a musical garden.


Mutanzione is a small island that previously hosted a holiday resort. Over 100 years ago, a meteor struck and wiped out most of the population. The people that did survive started to show strange mutations and the island became a place that nobody visited. They were left alone to live out their lives.
Kai, a 15-year-old girl from the mainland is summoned to Mutazione to look after and comfort her ailing grandfather. Once there her grandfather gradually reveals his intentions and that she has a purpose and fate that she has not yet realized.
During her time with her grandfather we learn of the past and it is a story full of regrets yet hope for redemption. She mingles with the unusual set of inhabitants and starts to fall in love with the slow and tranquil lifestyle. As she meets each character, we get to know more about them and their problems and aspirations.
This is what makes Mutazione so special. The character development is superb and what seems like pointless dialogue is a very clever way of investing in that character and caring what happens to them. The story is full of bitter, sweet and dramatic moments along with some humorous cameo appearances from an underground jelly, some entrepreneur sausage men and the dots. There certainly are some whacky characters involved but they are all so likeable and adorable.


Mutazione is a very slow and gradual game with a lot of dialogue reading. The dialogues are short and sweet, and you never feel bogged down by text. Each character speaks through bubbles of three or four short sentences. There is no voice acting in the game.
Kai has a diary which is very important to gameplay. By reading her diary she will be able to tell who she needs to speak to and what she needs to do next. If you are ever stuck wondering what to do, then the diary will clearly tell you your next move.
Along the way to your next quest you are free to talk to whoever you want which will generally be chit chat and small talk, but it all adds to the layers of charm the game possesses. The island has roughly ten characters which you can interactive with and around fifteen different locations.
You can also pick up seeds within the environment which you can later plant into the ground and watch the plants grow. Each plant has a certain song which must be played for it to grow to its full potential. Part of the puzzle is working out which plant reacts to which song but to be honest it is very easy to work out. However, this isn’t really a puzzle game. It is more of a relaxing novel or soap opera containing mutants.
Quests usually involve finding someone on the island and talking to them. They are just a clever way of progressing the story. The gardening sequences are sometimes beautiful to watch as the plants grow, and the songs are relaxing and melodic.
It sounds odd I know but it really works. I am not a fan of visual novels, but this is more of an interactive visual novel where you must walk around talking to people and tending gardens. The gardens have an important part to play as we later find out.


The sound is beautiful, from the songs played to grow your plants, to the wonderful ambient noises in the background. I was in awe at the way sound played such a prominent part in the game and its story. It was so interesting that halfway through I decided to put my headphones on which enhanced the experience even further. I would recommend playing the game with headphones on from the start.


I loved the art style of the game. Its beauty is in its simplicity. It looked fantastic and there were some clever animations that captured emotions wonderfully. The characters were all interesting to look at and it was a joy to behold.


Initially, I wasn’t sure about this game. It is incredibly slow, and I thought nothing much was happening. It took me a while to adjust to the pace of the game, but I soon started enjoying talking to the people and sharing their experiences. I was soon drawn into the story and it almost feels like you are along for the ride. It has a wonderful script and story that will captivate you.
There is a profound and meaningful moral to the story that has multiple layers and will have you thinking about it a lot afterwards. It is a story deeply rooted in nature but has so much more besides.
If you don’t mind a slower paced game and are someone who prefers a decent story rather than action then I would highly recommend this title.

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