The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse is a thriller with a solid, but abstract story and basic puzzles. It is currently in Early Access and gives players access to the prolo...[Read More]


Der Entwickler Blindfold bietet uns hier ein ganz neues Battle Royale Spiel mit einigen Funktionen und Besonderheiten.   Watchers šŸ“‹ Allgemeines: ...[Read More]


Pinstripe is an excellent adventure game with a harrowing story, created entirely by a one-man team over the course of 5 years. The art is simply stun...[Read More]


Spawn, Explore, Die, Repeat: Erforsche die geheimnisvolle Welt und werde dabei der mƤchtigste Zauberer, sofern du die Reise Ć¼berlebst.   Spielerl...[Read More]

Deliver Us the Moon

I would describe this game as an advanced walking simulator with average difficulty puzzles and arcade moments thrown in for good measure. You will sp...[Read More]


Nordlicht is a short & sweet little adventure game, showcasing gorgeous hand-drawn art and a heart-warming story, made by a small indie team in Ge...[Read More]

The Long Return

The Long Return is a short puzzle game revolving around an orphaned cub who retraces his steps from the last journey he took with his mother. It featu...[Read More]


Pros: šŸ‘A wonderful story and superb character development šŸ‘ Beautiful Hand Drawn Graphics and clever animations šŸ‘Amazing sounds and music šŸ‘Meaningful ...[Read More]


Nobodies delivers a new take on the crime point & click genre, offering both rewarding and challenging gameplay to clean up dead bodies! This titl...[Read More]


Overview SpacelandĀ is a turn-based tactical game taking heavy inspiration from classics of the genre, such as theĀ XCOM SeriesĀ or the less knownĀ Incuba...[Read More]

No Man’s Sky

After 7 major updates, a host of fixes and marking three years since its release, update 2.00 or the Beyond update was introduced. You can now play th...[Read More]

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